Fincare Small Finance Bank : how to open Fincare Zero Balance Saving Account (Full guide)

How to open fincare small finance bank zero balance saving account

 Friends, you have your savings account How to apply online in Fincare..

 The same saving account In which if you maintain zero balance That is, we also keep zero balance Even then Fincare people will not close your savings account .

fincare small finance bank 

Documents Required in opening Fincare Zero Balance Saving Account

To open zero balance saving account in the finacre What documents should you have?

 And following which terms and conditions You can be eligible to open this account ?
And the most important thing Immediately after applying how to get Fincare Account Number , IFSc Code ,Password of Internet Banking & Atm Card How to get all these things immediately ..

let's know....

Steps to open 

Fincare Zero Balance Saving Account

 First of all, we know that in fincare we will How to apply online for opening a zero balance saving account Because in the process you will also know Which documents are required here
 And follow which terms and conditions And how soon after applying
 Account Number , IFSc Code
 User ID and Password of Internet Banking All these things will be available immediately.

 You don't have to do much to apply friends online Normally you can use your smartphone or computer Open any web browser
 And search there Fincare
 The first result will be found after searching Fincare

 You have to open that website by clicking on it.
 This friends is the official website of Finacare.
 You have to slide it down
 So here friends, Below the explore our product A slide is going on
 Fixed Deposit , Recurring Deposit
 There are other similar options.

 So you have to slide this
 So this is a savings account
 And below it is a No more button
 You have to click on No more
 As soon as you click on No more
 So this brings you to the page with the savings account It is mentioned here first
 In this savings account you get an interest rate of up to 7%...

 And one more thing, let me tell you guys If you make a Fixed Deposit in Fincare So you get an interst rate of up to 9.5% of fixed deposits.
 Which is more than any other bank

 Here friends,slide this page down Then see here a slide is going on again Choose What's Best For You

 That is, saving account also has some types.
 You will see all those savings account types here 101 Priority account
 Similarly, friends here 101 First
 When you press a little bit
 Then below here you will get two option Know More & Apply Now
 So you have 101 first account guys So this is also a zero balance saving account So you have to click on Apply Now here.

 Then a new page will open here
 Where your online application process starts See friends here you get three columns In which you have to fill the Mobile Number in the first column After filling the Mobile Number
 See in front of the Mobile Number is a red color verification button You have to click on it

 As soon as you click on it, a pop will open.
 Which has to fill otp
 And the Mobile Number you have entered on your Mobile Number It will go otp

 Then you have to fill this otp in that column After filling, then you have to click on verify.
 Then look at the friends here where the red color verification was written Verified of green color has been written there That is, our Number has been verified Now comes the second column

 In the second column, you have to fill your email address.
 So whatever your email address is
 That you fill..

 Then there is the third column
 You have to fill your PANCARD number in the third column.
 So whatever your PANCARD number is, you can fill it in the third column.

 After filling the Pan Number
 The last button is in the continue button Then you have to click on the button with the continue Then a pop up will open here
 Which has some terms and conditions written in it So if you want to read then you should read it After that below which is the I agree red color button You have to click on it.

 Then a new page opens here
 Which has two options
 First of all, here is a question written on it Where would You like to recieve the OTP for Aadhar E-KYC That is, you want to ask for OTP on Aadhaar for E-KYC Below which is the two options.
 First Aadhar Register Mobile Number That is, the Mobile Number registered in your Aadhaar You want to ask him otp
 Second Option Aadhar Registered email-ID That is, the Email-Id registered in your Aadhaar card You want to get him otp
 So in both of you options
 If you want to get a Mobile Number, select the first option If you want to get an email address, select the second option.
 And then friends in the column below You have to fill your Aadhaar number After filling the Aadhaar number
 See in front of Aadhaar number is a verify button of red color You have to click on it
 Then here is the Mobile Number registered in your Aadhaar He will have a otp
 Fill this otp in this column
 And then friends below that which is the button to verify You have to click on it
 Then whatever your details will be given on your Aadhar here With photo i.e. your Photo, Name, Prefix Whatever your Date of Birth , Address Pincode , City and State
 All these details will be filed here automatically.

 So you have to check all the details And then the last one has a Continue button You have to click on continue
 So as soon as you click on continue So here you will be looking at friends again, two options First Take Your selfie
 And second Upload signature Image
 What do you have to do here guys
 The camera icon below the first take your selfie You have to click on it
 And take a selfie after clicking
 Wherever your background is right
 After that the upload is below signature So what do you have to do in the signature option That on a plain page, that is to be found plain You have to sign it
 And By taking a pic of it
 And friends after taking photos
 You have to upload that photo here on the add signature image

When both are uploaded
 So after that you have the lastly last continued button You have to click on it again
 Then you will see some columns of personal information here The first of which is marital status Under him, you have a button of select value Below that is the select value, you have to click on it As soon as you click on it
 So there will be some options open in Marital status In which if you are single, then select single.
 If you are married then select marriage After that there is the option of education Then as far as you have studied
 You have to select according to your needs in the education column.
 Then there is Annual income
 That is, how much money you earn in a year So all the money you make friends
 You have to select that option in Annual Income If you don't make money
 So you have to select the first option in the option of Annual Income.
 Then there is the option of occupation That is what you do
 You a student ,Businessman , Doctor , Farmer Whoever is friends
 That is to select you in the option of occupation Then comes the option of religion
 What religion do you belong with
 Hindu is Muslim, whatever is your religion That is to select you in the option of religion Then there is the column of the last Mother Name, friends So in that you have to fill your Mother's Name And then you have to click on continue again Then the two options will open here.
 First 101 First Pay as You go
 & Second 101 Priority unlock exclusive privilige So information has been given about both the friends But friends who have 101 first is a zero balance saving account So you have to select Normally 101 Pay as You Go.
 Or if you want to know more about him So No more is written in its corner When you click on it
 So the information about it will be open here So from there you can know
 If you don't want to know
 So Normally you have to slide the page down and slide And click on continue
 Then a page will open here again
 In which you have to fill the details of the account Nominee.
 So what is this Nominee
 Friends if you have money in your account And you die for some reason
 So here rupees on your account
 They are given to your Nominee only by you That is, after you leave, your Nominee can control your account.
 Really no person will be paid
 So here if you want to add Details of Nomini now So you can add now
 Friends for that you Normally
 You have to click on the select value below the Nomination.
 And she has to select him yes
 But if you don't want to add
 So you no longer get selected from Normally And after that you lastly clicked on Continue You can also add friends later
 Then here again a long page with the terms & condition will open If you want to read this then read it And then Normally is the last to I agree button You have to click on it

 This friends is the last step
 To apply for a savings account with Fincare Bank online Here friends after you Custome ID , Account Number Branch Name or IFSC Code
 These four things will be found
 And then friends to this savings account Can be used as a Normal savings account But here comes the point

 That if we want to withdraw money with it and then deposit the money So how will they do
 For that friends first you can go to the bank If you want to use it online too
 So Normally you get an application of Fincare You will get that playstore
 Download from there
 Signup using your account details
 And then your Account Number from there Will be able to send money like NetBanking to any Person
 You can also get money using this account.

 Saving account of this fincare bank Can be used as a Normal saving account ...