Buisness of Dairy Farming in 2020

In the world of tecnology the buisness of dairy farming can make you extraordinary And you can go from milk to money.

In order to strengthen the economy of the farmers in the rural area, The work of animal husbandry or dairy farming can be started from 2 to 5 cows to start dairy farming or animal husbandry which we can also start on a small scale. 

We can start it and gradually expand it. 
There are many benefits from the dairy industry such as cow dung, milk, cheese and many milk foods and products can reach people through  dairy farming.

•Money And Dairy Farming
Due to dairy farming the economy of our rural area is becoming very strong, in dairy farming we mostly get benefit from cattles which is feeding the baby cow animals well amd make them ready for milk production in 2 or 3 years, making the farmers good income. 

To start dairy farming, it is not necessary that we build an extended shed, primarily we can also create a rural level shed by making alternate arrangements like Barsadi  etc.

 We also have to make a large and easy to use store for straw for cattle for dairy industry. 
So that 12 months of dry fodder can be available to our animals and for green fodder we have many varieties of green fodder from time to time like Barsim ,Joe Should be fed periodically .

 Before starting dairy farming or animal husbandry we also have to select animals of advanced breed like Murrah Buffalo, Jersey Cow ,Geer ,Sahiwal etc.. 

We have to select good breed from which  animals provide milk for a long time and most of them not become  sick as well, so that farmers get good income.

•Take Care Of Animals First
In Dairy farming we also has to be consulted  time to time by veterinarians and regular check our animals and clean water is provided to ther
 animals so that chance of becoming sick is become less and need to give vaccinations to the animals time to time etc It is also involved in dairy farming. 

This industry is such that more and more  people can earn good profits together, and can benefited greatly.

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