Best Ways to make money Online (2020)

This is 2020 the world of internet 
We are living in a digital world where everything is going digital ..working from home and earning money is a new fashion in this digital world .

By the way it's not new but more people are taking interest in making money online and doing online jobs nowadays.

here are several ways to earn money online from being a youtuber to a social media manager you can choose your interest and make your career in this digital world apart from 9 to 5 job .

Some people think that their money is not safe in this digital world and they drop their idea to work online but in today's world it is more safe then before .
More and more people are going in this digital way and making their career and earning a handsome money.

For online earning there are no need to take any courses or degree ,if you have any skill you can be successful person in this digital world .firstly you have to analyse yourself and have to see what you are good at in.

Some of the ways to earn money online are YouTube ,blogging, online surveys ,social media Handler ,content writer ,web developer,etc....


It is one of the mostly used application and website in the world.

 If your good at any skill and you want to show the whole world and grow your audience you can publish video on YouTube by creating your YouTube channel and make your career on YouTube pays you when public watch your videos.
Many people are successful in YouTube and they are running their full time career in YouTube and making lot of money by their skills only by publishing video .
If you are also good at any skill you can also make videos and publish it to YouTube and earn money .
But let me tell you earning money is not so easy it takes time Patience is very important to start career in YouTube because hundred and thousands of people start YouTube channel everyday but stop working after some days because it takes time and they not understand. if you want to grow and make your career in youtube you have to keep patience and start working hard so one day you can achieve success.

 It is a job you can start without any investment and earn a lot of money .youtubers are making million dollars by making videos but it in starting they are also not making money but they have keep patience and now they are fulfilling their dreams ..remember one thing before making your carrer in this digital world "Patience is key".


If you are good at writing or have a passion for writing you can start your blogging career now.
What is blogging?
 In blogging you can share your information of in which field you are expert and publish it in your website after monetization by google ads you can earn money when people come to your website for reading your article or for taking information to your website .
when they see ads you get paid but let me tell you in blogging you need a small little investment for buying domain and hosting you can start your blogging career in WordPress .but a free alternative is also there which is blogger for you.
 If you are a beginner you can start from blogger and then move to WordPress in this also Patience is very important and let me tell you there are lot of information available on Google if you want to come in Google search results you have to make your content quality and unique so Google make your website in search result and you can grow your traffic and ultimately your revenue .

There are certain Google policies which you have to keep in mind before writing a blog some of them are scraped content or less content .
The content which  you writing is need to be unique and if you copy it from other website you does not get monetization by Google and your website will be penalized you have to keep your content unique..
 Content is King and patience is the key in the  career of blogging and YouTube.

3.Online surveys

Yes you can also earn money by doing surveys .Some companies want you to  review their products or services to make them even better and the company can know what people think about their services or product so they can make it better and they will pay for your time to do the survey.
 You cannot make your career in doing online surveys but you can earn a handsome money if you have free time and have interest in giving feedbacks and taking survays.
 Some of them are legit and some of them are also fake you have to to make your brain work and see which company is legit and will pay you money and which is just taking your time for their profit.
 If you want to make money by doing online surveys you can search on Google.. "online survey" and and there will be lot of sites ready to pay you if you attempt or take their surveys.

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