Airtel validity recharge (2020)
Best Airtel validity recharge plans in 2020 
Airtel Validity recharge Offers 

~Airtel validity recharge plans and offers in 2020

Airtel validity recharge allow us to recharge based on our usage. Airtel recharge validity ranges  from as  less than 2 days to 1 year so that you dont have to look towards its expiry date with this big validity recharge .you just have to pick best recharge option which suits your usage pattern.

In Airtel validity recharge you sometime gets what you need if you need internet you can go for internet plans and if you need talktime you can go for unlimited calls , all you have to do is you have to see the details of recharge before recharging.

•Airtel validity recharge 2020 (Range)

If you want recharge for short validity then you can go for cheapest plan by airtel which is of 19 rupees for 2 days validity or if you get hesitate by recharging every month you can go for big validity plan which is for 1 year which will cost you Rupee 2398.
 So you dont have to focus on the validity and enjoy freely without any hesitation of recharging again and expiring of validity of recharge on your airtel sim card.
Airtel have plans for every users need you just have to pick best plan for you.

✓Airtel Validity Recharge Plans (2020)

•Monthly plans (Airtel Validity Recharges )


This is the cheapest validity recharge plan available buy Airtel in this Airtel validity recharge you will get validity of today with 200 MB data plan and guess what you will get truly unlimited calls to any network this is the best validity recharge plan for you if you only want to keep the SIM active and using another sim as primary SIM card.


Data - 200 MB
Talktime -  Truly Unlimited calls 
Validity - 2 Days

₹45 (Smart Recharge)

In Airtel validity recharge this recharge comes under the category of smart recharge. if you want the validity of of a month or 28 days the 45 rupees recharge option is best option recharge for the validity of 28 days. but in this recharge aur 45 rupees you will not get unlimited call as well as internet data.


Data-0 MB
Tariff call rates- @2.5 p/sec
Tariff sms rates- Local@₹1 STD@₹1.5
Validity-28 days

₹49 (Smart Recharge)

In this plan for Airtel validity recharge in this smart recharge you will get the talktime of 38.52 rupees along with 100 MB internet data making it a smart recharge option for airtel validity recharge with the validity of 28 days.


Talktime- 38.52
Data-100 MB
Call rates- @2.5p/sec
Validity-28 days

₹ 79 (Smart Recharge)

In this smart recharge in Airtel validity recharge plan you will get the talktime of 64 rupees along with 200 MB internet data and the validity of this recharge is also a month which is 28 days the tariff call rates for this smart recharge in Airtel recharge validity plan are @60 p/min for  local, STD and landline calls.


Talktime- 64
Data- 200 MB
Call rates- @60p/min
Validity-28 Days

✓Airtel Validity Recharge For 1 Year

₹2398 (1 Year)

Airtel Validity Recharge plan for  year is for those who get hesitate by recharging again and again and  have to keep an eye on the expiry of the validity .In This Airtel Validity Recharge plan for 1 year you will get truly unlimited calls to any network for 365 days along with 1.5 GB internet data per day along  with 100  SMS per day.

Other benefit you will get in Airtel Validity Recharge For 1 Year are-

In Airtel Validity Recharge for 1 year you will get many benefits other than call and data which are-

•Zee5 premium Subscription
•Wynk Music
•Airtel Xstream Movies
•Free Hellotunes
•Antivirus for your phone


Talktime- Truly Unlimited Calls
Data- 1.5 GB /Day
Sms- 100/Day
Validity- 365 days (1 year)

~Airtel Validity Recharge Plans 2020

(Summing up)

•₹19 - 28 days : unltd calls : 200mb data

•₹45 - 28 days : Tariff Calls @2.5p/sec

•₹49 - 28 days : 38.52 TT : 100mb data

•₹79 - 28 days : 64 TT : 200 mb data

•₹2398 - 365 days : unltd calls : 1.5gb/day data

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