Airtel Missed call Alert(2020) : Activate Airtel Missed call alert service in free.
How to activate Airtel Miss call alert ?
follow the below steps to activate missedcall alert in your phone in free..

What is Airtel missed call alert?

Suppose you are unreachable and your  phone is Switched Off so when anyone call ..when you are Switched Off how can you know ..who called you if you don't know how can you know now you gonna know with Airtel Missed call Alert

Airtel Missed call alert will help you find out who and when someone called you when your phone is Switched Off.. when you turn on your phone you will get airtel missed call alert the phone will alert you with a message that  someone has called you with time and number.

It is a very useful alert feature buy SIM card provider to help you know if you have important call when you are unreachable .

•How to activate/deactivate Airtel Miss call alert in free

How to Activate Airtel miss call Alert service in 2020 or how to enable Airtel missed call Alert service in free if you want to activate then follow my step..

Steps to activate Airtel Missed call Alert service In free

- Open your dial pad and dial *321*881# from your Airtel SIM card to activate Airtel miss call Alert service.

- After dialling there will be a pop up message showing that you have to reply with "1" to activate airtel missed call alert service  and then press ok and send .

- After that a pop up with thank you will come where you have to press ok.

 - And after some time again one confirmation popup will come where you have to reply with "1" and confirm that you have to activate Airtel miss call alert service.

After replying  you will got message from Airtel that your airtel Missed call alert service is activated. It is a free service provided by Airtel for unlimited time .

•How to Deactivate Airtel Missed call alert 
If you want to stop or deactivate this service of airtel Misscall alert then call or message STOP To 155223.


  1. Plz activate my miss call alert.. it's not working in my PHN ?

    1. follow all the steps showed in above article brother..


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