Software For Truckers: Everything you should know about Trucking software (2020)

What is Trucking Software?

Software for truckers

Trucking software
helps to manage various things which are very important in doing transportation business.

By Trucking Software it becomes easy to manage things like -

Dispatch records

Driver tracking

Pay invoice records

And help us in monitor of IFTA which is inter state fuel tax agreement reports.

•Features of Trucking Softwares

1.Manages Dispatch

The Trucker Software for dispatch management help your business grow by giving real-time orders to drivers for their agents.

This dispatch management features is very helpful in trucking business.
By sitting on your computer you'll manage the dispatch and update the driving force about the new orders this is often a really beneficial feature for truckers and planning tools helps in suggesting best route to driver for effective journey and give navigation signals.

 2.IFTA services

The IFTA service helps the business of trucking by providing fuel and mileage reports this is a very important software for trackers as it create mileage reports and fuel reports and helps in your business.

IFTA means inter-state fuel tax agreement reports this is the management of fuel and mileage reports of trucks And one of the very important feature of trucks software in this business of trucking...

3. Keeps eye on Your Account and manage accounting

This is a very important feature of truck software as it helps in processing and managing data of invoice and expenses and input receipts.
 It store information by account payable of supplier and track the customer data by account receivable .

In a general ledger it creates financial reports and keep a data of profit and loss and the balance sheets data.

4. Maintenance of fleet

This Create several task to take care of your trucks it schedule tasks and reminds in every period of time so you can get remembered and inspect your vehicle or truck in routine.

This is a very beneficial software for truckers as it increase the life of your vehicle or trucks and save your money for buying new truck .

It also keeps record of all your repairs in history and make your truck life extend to better and you can make large amount of profit in trucking business.

5.Fuel Tax Management

This software is connected to your IFTA account which is inter state fuel tax agreement reports.

And it keeps record of all your fuel taxes and collect data automatically and maintain all the rules by keeping all your records up to date and by feeling tax automatically..

This fuel tax management software for your trucking business is one you can prefer to help your business grow effectively without any problems related to tax.

Which is the Best Trucking software?

The best Trucking Software is the software which helps your trucking business grow and help you make a huge profit.

The Best Trucking Software makes your data managable and easy to keep an eye on from which you can see what  are the current status of trucks, truck drivers and many other data like mileage reports and service expenses.

The trucking software gives you profit in transportation industry.
 It also monitor maintenance on trucks and suggest several ways to save fuel and keep expense and mileage records from which you can analyse anytime you want and manage your trucking business easily by the help of trucking softwares.

Dispatch Trucking Software

Dispatch trucking software

Dispatch Trucking Software is also known as Logistics software and it is a very important and useful software for Trucking companies.

It helps in routing and schedule process for your drivers and monitor trailers and orders and trucks .

In Trucking Software dispatch software is very Important because it provides very easy way to dispatch your staff and ensure that your customers orders are fulfilled without any compromisation.

 GPS tracking

GPS tracking in dispatch tracking software is used in monitoring the location of trucks and to see that which drivers are available  at a time.

This is a very important information which is provided by GPS tracking so you can know that your business is on schedule or not.

One of the main feature of GPS tracking that in trucks GPS tracking system is fitted by which you can contact the drivers from the office from Phone or tablet and the driver also can contact to office with the help of GPS tracking system.

 The movement of the trucks and the truck drivers is also can be monitor sitting in the office by GPS tracking tool in the dispatch software which is a very important Trucking Software.

The tracking system is integrated with Google maps so you can see where is your truck in real time by sitting in your office.

The best thing of dispatch software is that the scheduling is done so that your orders are on time and the drivers are delivering on time
So when the first order is completed on time the driver has time for preparing for next order.

The interactive interface of the software will show you you all the pending orders and and you can decide which order you have to deliver first and which route is best for the driver by only simply sitting in the office..

you can also send important messages to the drivers mobile by use of software and track the location of driver and the truck
In the data is automatically entered in trucking software so the chance of error is not there..

•Software for Truckers (Owner Operators)

Trucking software

This is affordable option for Trucking Software This is for the owner operators or for small scale operators.

This is because owner operators are only run and owned by a single person .
Owner operator themselves take care of the transportation  by owning or lease their own truck.

 In owner operators only one person is the head to manage all of their business and take care of every small things in the Trucking business.

For small business there is need of only  one or two trucks and by which there is fever expenses and less data to be recorded so there is no need to buy high-end trucking softwares  with many features they can also run from basic Trucking Software.

Individual operators need to take care of legal rights or legality  in trucking software to operate efficiently they need permit licence and tax documents.

Individual operators need solution only for :

•creating invoice 
•Recording information on vendors and customers 
•Handling of IFTA reporting and dispatches

-Leased operators

In Leased  Operating they operate on contracts from several trucking companies.
 This trucking companies provide all the information like dispatch and load so  the driver need to work less.
 So the main feature which is needed in Software for trucking in Leased operating is only- 
fuel management 
tracking of expenses
And schedule management

• Is there any Free Software for Truckers?

Some Trucking Companies and individual Truckers tries to find free trucking software for their transportation buisness.
 But it is very hard to find one because the services which trucking software provides is very difficult to be provided by free software.

So some Trucking companies use free softwares like Microsoft Excel aur Google spreadsheets  to manage all their data and accounting and load management .
But it requires knowledge of spreadsheets to work on it..

So buying a advance trucking software is good for your Trucking buisness as you can manage everything from office directly..

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