Rains we all know rains are one of best seasons among all and most of cities suffer a heavy rainfall .

Sometimes rainfall seems to be blessing and othertimes it seems to be bad .
Rainfall occurs due to vapour which comes out from soil and plants through sunlight that means sunlight turns these small water droplets to vapour and these vapour gets mixed in air. 
Now when these vapour gets too heavy they fall down due to weight and causes rain. 

Rain is considered largest source of water on earth this rain collects underneath earth surface as:

● ground water : 
Which is used in various purposes and these ground water contains aquifers( a layer of sediment rock which is highly perneable and contains water).

●Surface water : 
When this water which comes from rainfall does goes down under ground and also does not get evaporate then this water gets collected in form of surface waters.

◆What happens when heavy rainfall occurs?

When heavy rainfall occurs its causes overflow of rivers and lakes which gives rise to flood. Floods are considered  among all sometimes it gets controlled in short period of time but other time it takes a long time to get recover from flood.
As we know we cannot fight nature and when flood it takes very much effort to recover,peoples homes and a great loss to economy and its major cause is global warming which is due to human activities such as deforestation.

◆What happens when there is shortage of rainfall?

When there is shortage of rainfall it causes condition of drought when annual rainfall is less than normal  i.e shortage of water people suffering from drought condition knows very well the value of water when it occurs rivers, lakes gets shortage of water due to which people does not get sufficient amount of water to meet their needs.

In India we have this beauty of nature due to rain we have all this due to rain it is a blessing of god to us which keeps our nature alive. we meet all our needs due to rain water we cant live without water all over needs gets fulfilled from water in our all work we need water so we should value water and try not to waste it because 70% of our earth is covered with  seawater which we cant use in our daily life works.

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