Internet in Today's World...Saver or Destroyer?

Internet in Today's World...Saver or Destroyer?

Internet, Internet games, online classes, online education and many more things streaming everywhere throughout the world nowadays and prove that we are sooo much dependent on Internet World .

 For everything today we need Internet every next second we use it at this much level we are dependent on it.
 It is important we all know it but the main thing is we are too much dependent on it as if we cannot do anything without it. 
It is necessary with the developing country but also too much use of it is as like cancer for us.

Children of today's day use to play games on internet,PC's,laptops this all things had ruined one's childhood. 
In early times children use to play in playgrounds with their friends and spend time with family but today's children got everything soo fast at the age of 9 or 10 yrs.. parents hand them mobile phone in early age which will truly distroy their childhood and future too.
This childhood time for them is to build many memories it is like growing period for them and their parents ruin it if they do so.

Not only children but also elders are addicted to this thing they have addiction towards it and spend most of the time in that instead of their family and friends although internet brought everyone closer by connecting people from each and every where from each part of the world but people who live close to each other are separated at the large base they wont meet rather they use to text each other and after sometime it just remains a formality for everyone to text each other rather than gathering and enjoying with each other.

The point is not that we should stop using it or we shouldn't use it but the point is we should give time to each and everything equally to our family and friends.
 As long as we can do things by ourselves we can meet each other face to face we should not use internet for our things it is acceptable that we need internet but we should not get dependent fully on it.

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