• Interior Designing Course

Interior designing is a study through which we can design interior of any place.
 How to utilize particular place in a effective manner for providing suitable environment to people according to their comfort ande accessibility.

Interior Designer

INTERIOR DESIGNER are those who study that how to design any place using their creativity. 

Interior designer work  with civil engineering,         architecht and other engineer to and determine how spaces will be utilized they design furniture and they utilize their artistic skills to determine how to use design interior and use space.


To be an Interior designer there are two courses offered :

1.PDP in interior designing : 

This course is of 2yrs in this students learn to design sets, history of interior designing, landscaping, graphic(foundation), construction, building material, conceptualizing in Photoshop, drawing basics, architecture visualizing in 3D max, CAD(foundation), CAD(advanced) and anthropometry.

2. professional program in interior designing

This course for INTERIOR DESIGNERS is of 1yr in this course consist of construction, building material, landscaping, workshop case study, site visits and study tour, CAD(foundation), graphics(foundation), anthropometry, drawing basics, estimating costing and budgeting(basics), construction, history of interior designing.


     To be an interior designer one should      posses certain qualities such as :

1.An interior designer should be creative he should have high imagination power through which he can serve all needs of clients according to his comforts.

2.Interior designer should have artistic skills through which he always come up with new and several ideas and designs.

3. Interior designer should have good communication skills due to which he can effectively communicate with thier clients so that clients can describe their needs properly and one can come up with clients needs.

4.An Interior designer should have good drawing skills so that he can draw designs and pass on through engineers and other workers so that they can use them.

In this article you have learned about what is Interior designing,Courses in Interior Designing,Qualities of Interior Designers.

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