As we all know that 2020 which we all thought to be the great year took us all to VIRUS  which lead us to diffrent consequences ...but ignoring all these if we try to look at its possitive aspects ...
People have found out many different things which were unknown to us till now and one of it is DALGONA COFFEE ..

Now what is Dalgona Coffee??

Dalgona coffee has its roots from south korea,a country located in eastern Asia.

Dalgona coffee popularized on social media during quarantine time..
it spread out and it took a face of challenge on different social media channels such as-
 instagram, facebook,whatsaap,etc 

How its made? (Recipe) of Dalgona coffee.


dalgona coffee can be easily made through

• 1 tablespoon sugar
 • 1 tablespoon high quality coffee  powder         •1 tablespoon hot water       
  •1 cup of hot or cold milk 

all these quantity has been taken for 1 cup of coffee you can increase as you want  ....

METHOD:= process of making dalgona coffee.

Dalgona coffee can be easily made from this 4 ingredients mainly hot water,coffee,sugar and milk. 
It can be served as hot or cold coffee both depends upon choice.

1.firstly upper creame of dalgona coffee is been prepared through instant coffee,sugar and hot water .

2.mix it well and after mixing whip it well  until it takes form of a creamy brown condense mixture which will look like this...

 this mixture is then served on hot or cold milk depends upon our choice but ussually its taken as cold coffee and can be made hot or cold dalgona coffee .
3. if you want you can add some coffee or coco powder to it if you want to make it chocolate flavour than before adding creame to cold milk add some cocoa to creame and mix it well...

This is the procedure to make dalgona coffee easily ..
Now if you want can surely accept social challenges to make dalgona coffee at home and enjoy it...👍

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