Life Under Water : AQUATIC LIFE

Its amazing to know that earth on which life exists does not contain only human biengs thier are many more living organisms other than Human. 

Animals that lives in forest, many microorganisms and also animals that exists in water.
Life(living creatures) that exists in water is known as AQUATIC LIFE. 

Thats good know that thier are creatures that exists in water bodies for them these water bodies are there home. 
and the creatures imcluding microorganisms and other animals and fishes that lives in aqua(water) are known as AQUATIC ANIMALS.

There are million and billion of species that exists in water and there are thousands of species which are still not known to us although researches is going to find out actually how many diffrent species exists in Aqua on our Earth.

 Everything that aquatic life consist of including those plants and microorganisms all are part of our ecosystem without which everything in our nature is incomplete. 
And not only the point is that these creature which exists in aqua gives some benifits to us but also we should let them live their lives as according to our asthetic values.

Many plants and herbs in aquatic life which are used as medicines and herbs that are used to cure many  diseases. 
There is an estimate that deep down in seas there are plants or herbs that can be used to cure disease.

Aquatic life has its own value and we need to value this thing many aquatic animals are consumed by humans as sea food which sre rich in protiens and lead us to a healthy life.
 We need to understand its importance that without it humans too can't exists. 
Humans have their existance due to nature and this aquatic life is a huge part of nature and ecosystem we need to understand its value .

 Aquatic life has its own beauty it feels like a new life that exist in peace apart from hectic human life. We can see its beauty in underwater sea diving it feels like meditation where we feel fully alive where we can see what incredible things our nature has created which we human are spoiling day by day.

Pollution which is caused by our waste that we dump in water bodies pollutes world of aquatic animals some of waste are non-biodegradable which cannot be broken down by microganisms and through water it gets into bodies of aquatic organism which increase toxicities in their bodies which gets increases on passing through food chain thats known as Bioaccumulation.

Waste which are biodegradable gets broken down by microganisms for this act they use oxygen from water which in turn increases oxygen demand in water bodies as oxygen level in water decrease which can be harmful to animals .

Oil that spills from ships pollute sea water which are not good  for them and also acid rain which is caused due human activities have many bad effect many aquatic lives and due to these activities many species got extinct.

We need to understand all these things and need to correct our activities which can save many lives and ofcourse our Ecosystem.

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